Most of the cargo is transported by car. Firms and enterprises order the transportation of components and raw materials, send customers finished products. People move, buy new furniture, order delivery of construction materials for repair or garbage removal. Road transportation from Novosibirsk to Moscow never loses relevance, regardless of the time of year. But there is one urgent problem – the owner of the goods need to find the driver and the carrier – the cargo owner. To be able to solve quickly and there is a ground transport company "Sibtransservis".

If you urgently need cargo transportation from Novosibirsk to Moscow, we will help you to find any transport for liquid or bulk cargo, perishable goods or household chemicals. Our service includes more than 100 thousand carriers from all over Russia, ready to accept and fulfill your order.

Our advantage:

Tender system that allows you to save up to 70% on transportation.
There are gazelles, trucks, vans, refrigerators, low frames and any other cars.
Only verified drivers and honest rating, real reviews.
Vehicle tracking system with your goods.
Guarantee of invariance of the price.
Save time – now you are not looking for a carrier, and they send their proposals and traded for your order.

How to get started and receive orders

On the website "" every carrier can register and receive orders. We check the accuracy of the data and constantly monitor the quality of services. Every day there are thousands of new customers who need transportation from Novosibirsk to Moscow. You will be able to make offers and take groupage cargo, cargo or orders for the return flight.

To work on the service you need to register and sign the user agreement. After verification, you get access to orders and become a full member of the service. New orders come constantly, you can receive notifications about them by mail or SMS. The higher your rating – the more applications you will have.

We can work constantly or take orders in your spare time. You are guaranteed to get a stable job and earn, and we develop the service and are looking for new owners of cargo. Sibtransservis is the best website to search for carriers and orders.

Freight company "Sibtransservis" carries out transportation of cargoes from Novosibirsk to Moscow. We are ready to fulfill even urgent orders and strive to help customers reduce costs. Using our offers, you can devote time to solving major business issues! All tasks related to the delivery of goods from Moscow to Novosibirsk and in the opposite direction, we will solve! Delivery of goods on the route: Novosibirsk – Moscow. Main features and additional services.

We carry out delivery of goods weighing from 100 kg. It allows to use our services as large production, trade and other companies, and individuals.

We do not just carry out cargo transportation from Novosibirsk to Moscow, but also provide customers with other service options.

Turning to us, you can order:

responsible storage,
packing and marking of goods.

Special attention should be auto forwarding. It allows you to get rid of a lot of problems during local transportation. We are ready to pick up cargoes "at the door" of the recipient in Novosibirsk. This format is very convenient!

All services are performed by experienced professionals "Sibtransservis". In addition, you can use the Advisory support of professionals. The company's managers will answer all your questions. Specialists of the company will tell about features of a cargo transportation, tariffs, routes. They will calculate the cost of delivery of cargoes on the route Novosibirsk – Moscow. Advantages of transportation of goods from Moscow to Novosibirsk and in other areas of the company "Sibtransservis».

Experienced specialist. They quickly solve all questions taking into account wishes of clients.
The presence of its own fleet. Due to this, the delivery of goods can be faster and more competent.
Proven routes and logistics schemes. Delivery to Moscow can be carried out quickly enough and without overpayments from the client.
To ensure the safety of goods. We deliver competently, in compliance with all applicable requirements. Experts always monitor the location of the goods during delivery.

Observance of terms. Taking the goods from Novosibirsk, we indicate the date of delivery to the recipient from Moscow. Wide possibilities of delivery. Goods can be transported "from the door of the sender (Novosibirsk) to the door of the recipient (Moscow)". This allows customers to minimize costs and get quality service.

Professionally engaged in delivery, we are attentive to each order. Experienced managers "Sibtransservis" controlled all the process.

Contact us! Be sure that you will receive competent support at all stages of delivery of cargoes on the route Novosibirsk – Moscow or Moscow – Novosibirsk.

Transport company in Novosibirsk:

We carry out road delivery of any goods and food from Novosibirsk across all Russia, to China and the CIS.
We are reliable, profitable, safe!
We are waiting for your calls and suggestions by phone number: +8 (383) 292-33-83

Always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!